How NLP and AI are related to Customer Information and Privacy?

A lot of people’s minds are always thinking, is my information safe online? Is my Customer Information and Privacy being treated with reverence?

In terms of data breaches, that’s very often up to the company’s infrastructure and security people.

So in a massive database that includes a lot of personally identifiable information which is critical to all kinds of impersonation and theft and whatnot, people know that my business is that, and they’ll try to attack me.

By attacking my systems, there are many ways and many exploits that the attackers try to get access to that data information and those databases, but that takes work to get, so if you harden our access to our database and make everything as insanely impossible to get to kind of thing, as a best practice.

If you have a lot of companies get hacked by not having their databases available online but possibly by having an API, an actual interface to your database available, one of the keys so one of the tokens or one of the authentication keys,

or secret access to use, whatever you call it there that gets found breached or copied somewhere and is public.

If I have the best security system you don’t have the possibility to enter, I’m protecting my systems.

In terms of detection and forensics, there’s a lot of AI and there’s a lot of modeling and analysis that can happen, but this is something that needs to happen way before you get to a place where you’ve been breached.

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