Delivering and Extending Witness AI to Different Domains

We’ve been talking a lot about our witness prep AI and what’s gone into making all of that and today we thought we’d actually culminate into its intended uses and a bit about how we deliver it. Let’s explore ways that we have been testing Extending Witness AI to Different Domains.
It’s possible to acquire all the data that you need especially about cases and laws and decisions and whatnot you have to build a language model. There’s been an academic language model called FILAC and we’ve extended that.
So given the ability to now understand legal texts and to model how to get to an outcome, basically to have all of them, I can render a decision, a law an actual case, whatever into a computer, a usable bit of data so that the computer can actually ingest it properly and not just have the unstructured text.
So now that you have this AI model, how do you deliver that to the best? You have to think about what the most natural thing for people is, when you’re doing a user interface exercise you don’t want to take people to a place where they have to think about the UI while they’re also thinking about the context and problem that you’re working on.
Because then your brain kind of fractures itself and you’re lost of it. So a very common use case for most people just searches for a really good job of search and curation, which is something that we do.
It’s all in the end powered by the AI model. But the way to deliver that is a very curated search especially if you’re able to do it in a hierarchical view of what you’re searching for so that you have, like a meta topic and you get yourself all the way down to specifics that get people the idea.

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