We are business Focused, First and foremost

Business Leaders Leading Business Transformation

Executives, Leaders and Advisors with diverse Enterprise experience.

Katryn Kolt

VP Strategic Partnerships

Karen Ryan

VP Business Strategy, Adjunct Mentor

Lisa Gillespie

VP Customer Engagement, Adjunct Mentor

All our Mentors are Industry Leaders

Expert Project Mentors

Don't be fooled by Academia and Professors; ask
"When did you last deploy something to Production?"

Vino Sangaralingam

Data Scientist & Neural Network Facilitator

Helen Yip

Machine Learning Mentor

Sina Maram

Process Engineer & Neural Networks Facilitator

Liam Kopp

Curriculum Development & Research

Dennis Nguyen

Data Science & AI Mentor

Only as good as the company you keep

Advisory Board

Forget JUST financiers or Management Consultants
1000ml keeps its pragmatic roots with this crop of great advisors.

Joey Sham

NLP Engineer & Curriculum Author

Kartik Vamaraju

Guru ML Advisor

Thomas Rogers

SDT in Robotics, ML Ops Specialist


Jansen Sullivan

President, Labs and
Professional Services

Jansen has been consulting in the data analytics world for over 15 years and has taught data skills to over 1200 enthusiasts, practitioners and top organizations globally.

Victor Anjos

CEO & Head of AI

Victor has experience founding national level organizations, can claim the first deep learning model into production and the first reinforcement learning model in robotics. He as received AI Leader of the Year, AI Company of the Year and is one of the Top 100 Business Professionals in Canada.