5 Governance Capabilities You Need in MLOps

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5 Governance Capabilities You Need in MLOps

June 15 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT

Speakers: Trey Morrow & Dwayne Dreakford, Solutions Engineer at Algorithmia

Bio: Trey has over 20 years of experience in Data Analytics & Data Science practice leadership, sales, and delivery. Primarily focusing on implementations of analysis, design, development, enhancements & testing of applications.

His experience spans disparate verticals, including finance, oil & gas, medical, pharmaceutical, sports, energy, hospitality, retail, defense, federal & state government, and technology sectors.

He has earned an executive data science certification via Johns Hopkins University and is currently pursuing his MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science, through MIT.

Dwayne is a software developer turned solution delivery advisor who is excited by the pursuit of competitive advantage through “machine learning-powered” applications.

He’s spent the first half of the past 20 (or so ;-)) years building software, and the second half accelerating solution delivery and adoption by enterprise teams, with emphasis on DevOps, DevSecOps and, most recently, MLOps.

Some of his recent work includes delivery of solutions to increase viewer engagement through provision of personalized recommendations, and securing software supply chains through automatic vulnerability detection.


Algorithmia is machine learning operations software that manages all stages of the ML lifecycle within existing operational processes. Join us for an overview of the Algorithmia platform, and understand how to put models into production quickly, securely, and learn about new and exciting features.

This session is made for data practitioners and leaders alike – learn how to assess your organization’s current maturity and chart your course to full MLOps maturity.

During this session, you will learn methods to effectively implement components of ML governance to achieve a level of control and visibility into how models operate in production.