Why is there a lag in AI adoption at NFPs and NGOs?

Being of the nonprofit world for over a decade, our founder has seen the issues that plague that world and why there is a lag in AI adoption at NFPs and NGOs. It’s definitely not a sexy topic, but one that we need to discuss.

If you really look at it, some of it is protectionism, they want to make sure that you’re not going to mess around with the data, you’re not gonna lose it, get hacked, everybody’s sort of worried about hacks.

So in terms of protection it’s a rightful concern, really like another one is a general like malaise or issue with bureaucracy, if you’re at the right size of a non-profit there’s going to be one or two decision makers who are either going to stop everything from happening or enable everything from happening. You may have a lot of people on the ground floor who wish and hope that something is going to change and be done but of course, like if there is that one decision-maker who doesn’t believe in this and who can’t be convinced, then you’re stuck.

So that’s happened and it happens because you don’t necessarily get the absolute most involved in AI people believing these non-profits, it’s usually people, who are altruistic and want to do good things and less technical there you go.

In terms of like business, it very often will lead to like a poor choice of tools, if you’re changing a tire you have the option of like three four tools, maybe you picked up like the smallest wrench possible, and now you have no leverage, it’s kind of the same thing.

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