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Curated topics by Victor Anjos and Jansen Sullivan on All Things Data!

Let’s cut through the jargon, myths and nebulous world of data, machine learning and AI. Each week we’ll be unpacking topics related to the world of data and AI with Jansen & Victor, the awarding winning founders of 1000ML. Whether you’re in the data world already or looking to learn more about it, this podcast is for you.

The War is on - Humans vs AI

This week Jansen and Victor discuss whether there is truly a war between Humans, Robots, automation and AI. Artificial systems such as IBM’s Watson, Google’s AlphaGo and AlphaZero and many others seem to point to the machines doing better, faster and easier work at many tasks, but are they generalized and can they be?

We dive in deep into this topic with Victor Anjos who has been the lead technologist in developing deep learning and reinforcement learning for industry, and has seen the shift from simple heuristic automation to light machine learning and now all the way through to learning systems that adapt and change with their environment.

But what’s next?