Webinar: How to Scale Your PM Career by fmr Zalando Product Leader

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Webinar: How to Scale Your PM Career by fmr Zalando Product Leader

December 29, 2022 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EST

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As they work, product managers wear all sorts of different hats. And sometimes, it is hard to understand how to make sure you progress in your profession while keeping up with all day-to-day challenges. In this session, we will look into what it takes to build a solid product management career. We will go through the stages of a PM’s professional journey and look into what is required to move to the next level.

Main Takeaways:

* What does distinguish junior product managers from more senior ones?
* What are the set soft and hard skills required at each level of the career path?
* How to choose your next role in a way that helps your development.

**Meet the Speaker: Maria Petrova**

Maria Petrova is the Head of Product at Supermetrics where she leads a team of 10 product managers building solutions that help companies grow with data. She is a former Principal Product Manager at Zalando.

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