ML Product Challenge Info Session (xAI)

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ML Product Challenge Info Session (xAI)

April 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT


We’ll be holding a brief info session + Q&A to address any questions for our upcoming ML Product Challenge which kicks off April 5th! We are excited to begin our 8th cohort, and dig into some fun deep learning concepts & productization elements over the course of our 6-week challenge.


Topics covered: AI Product Development, MLOps and Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Explainable AI

Join us for our informal info session, where you’ll meet some of the team, get all your questions answered, and maybe even win some special prizes!

Workshop Details:
-TL;DR: 6-week workshop to learn and build innovative machine learning products
-TECHNIQUES: AI Product Development, MLOps and Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs, Graph Neural Networks, Document Classification, Explainable AI
-NETWORK: Connect with like-minded individuals in our 3000+ community of data scientists and ML engineers
-BUILD A PRODUCT: Solve interesting business problems (your own or a sponsored project idea) in a structured and guided experience (build an actual MVP!)
-WIN CASH PRIZE: Win awesome prize money with a team of people we match you with when your MVP is selected as the best solution!
-ACCESS EXPERTS: Get guidance from senior industry practitioners on ML research, engineering, and product development
-LEARN BY DOING: Access our entire library of expert curated content to quickly learn whatever you need to solve your problem
-STAY COMPETITIVE: Make your portfolio more competitive by adding hands-on experience with building an ML product

More Workshop details here: