Keys to Successful AI Governance

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Keys to Successful AI Governance

August 11, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Synthetic Intelligence Forum is excited to convene a panel discussion about “Keys to Successful AI Governance”.

Learn from thought leaders about the building blocks of successful AI governance in the enterprise. Discussants will cover the opportunities, challenges, best practices, and key performance indicators related to enterprise AI governance. Take advantage of this great learning opportunity about the thinking of high-performing organizations to realize and deliver impact through AI-powered solutions and systems in a responsible manner.

Title: Keys to Successful AI Governance

Panelists are:
• Behnaz Saboonchi, Ph.D. (Chief Supply Chain Officer at IVADO Labs) –
• Merve Hickok (Founder of –
• Jana Novohradska (Representative at UNESCO and Rapporteur at Council of Europe) –

The moderator is:
• Vik Pant (Founder, Synthetic Intelligence Forum) –

These subject matter experts will share their knowledge about a wide variety of topics related to responsible AI in the enterprise context. In addition to covering high-level topics, these panelists will also discuss practical tips and real-world examples related to AI governance.

Websites of organizations and institutions of panelists:
• IVADO Labs –
• Council of Europe and Artificial Intelligence –
• –

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