How to Leverage Software to Build a Marketing Funnel for Your Nonprofit

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How to Leverage Software to Build a Marketing Funnel for Your Nonprofit

April 21, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Marketing for your non-profit can be difficult. It is a highly competitive space trying to break through the noise. Over and over again, in any industry, the same two marketing-related issues arise: “I am not getting enough qualified leads” and “the public isn’t aware of our organization”.

For any marketing strategy to work, you need to have the funnel properly designed, the right tools in place, and the ability to track success.

If you are struggling building a proper marketing funnel or interested in learning new ways to potentially improve the one you have, this is the perfect webinar for you.

With over 6 years of experience as a marketing strategist serving companies across 19 industries, Chris Cundari will take you through:
• How to better position your organization
• How to design a marketing funnel that works
• What software to leverage at each stage in the funnel
• How to measure and track success to continually improve upon your marketing strategy

About Chris Cundari:
Chris Cundari is a 3x business founder, United Nations delegate, and a freelance consultant specializing in marketing and business strategy. In addition to his consulting practice, Chris is a director and partner at Daydream, a sparkling water company leading the way in the functional beverage space. Outside of work, chris is a sculptor, runner, and avid reader. To learn more about Chris, visit his website:

Hosted by:
Sandra Eamor

Sandra Eamor is passionate about helping small to medium sized nonprofits and businesses implement efficient operational systems. In addition to serving on nonprofit boards, she has worked for organizations of every size and implemented many different types of systems and software. All About Systems helps small business owners and nonprofits select and implement the RIGHT systems, software, processes and technology for their operations. All About Systems works with your organization to help you GET THINGS DONE by bringing together people, processes and technology! Systems don’t need to be scary. I can help make it easy!

Sandra is also the National President of the One Parent Families Association ( The OPFA supports and connects single-parent families in Canada . OPFA’s vision is to be the ultimate resource network for all one parent families in Canada.