The Executive's Guide to NLP

We’ve talked a lot about AI, data science, NLP. And we’ve talked a little bit about some use cases, but today let’s actually hit home with the payers of NLP. Today, we’re very specifically and deliberately going to be talking about how NLP affects your business from an executive’s point of view.
Regarding NLP, you get to a place where you understand that the content of language needs to be diced up and made digital in some way so that you can use computers, especially AI, to get some outcome, whatever that outcome is. So why don’t we just hit home with the general idea of NLP because that probably informs what staff is doing? So let’s say you already have the content or you’re putting in some documents of some sort that you’ve received, the NLP programs and programmers know the kind of details you need to extract, they’ll do most of that work for you.
How would an organization go about implementing an NLP system? So if we take, you know, the decision out of the way that you’re going to buy versus do it yourself, well, we may look at that later. But in, in general terms, your staff is going to look to ingest a lot of content. Now, you may already own and have that content.
Your time to deploy is usually a bit shorter and your cost may be about equal or not quite as high in the internal version. However, your support cost, your ongoing support costs. If this is not a key part of your business, can be too much to undertake as opposed to getting somebody else to support it.
So those are some of the considerations that you would have in implementing the NLP system at your organization.
We talked a little bit about what NLP is to an executive, how it gets done at your organization, and the interplay between buying versus having your own staff do it.

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