Is it SMART to be S.M.A.R.T.?

HR and People Ops has been largely unaffected by big data, analytics and ML and there is no reason for this other than entrenched interests. We examine what HR could be with data and ML.  Based a on a lot of work from early mavericks and early adopters such as Google’s People Ops, we talk through what HR departments and companies broadly are doing now, should or could be doing with their data and think of what the future may look like in HR and performance management.

Let’s cut through the jargon, myths and nebulous world of data, machine learning and AI. Each week we’ll be unpacking topics related to the world of data and AI with Jansen & Victor, the awarding winning founders of 1000ML. Whether you’re in the data world already or looking to learn more about it, this podcast is for you.