AI Shouldn't Be Scary to You

Today we’re going to try to talk to you guys about the myth that AI is here to kill you, and it’s all going to result in this big singularity where AI gets so intelligent and takes over the world.
It’s also not here to take over the world, it’s taking over a few tasks. It’s taken over a lot of computation actually sees it as mainstream. Some of the earliest uses that companies and really companies and organizations started seeing with AI were really around, intrusion detection, bot detection, spam detection, so things that the company may not have been really aware of that they even had AI in their organization.
It’s important to understand the general use patterns, of your websites, the applications of your mail, and everything, and you want to keep things around those metrics.
Another really common use has been chatbots, conversational AI, IVR so sort of like that first interaction with a company where you’re kind of getting some information about them or talking a little bit about your problem with them. So it helps in sales and it helps in customer retention and in customer service.

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