The Future Of Business: A Comprehensive Guide To Chatbot Development

Chatbot development is real and our interaction with chatbots is not recent but deployed when we started implementing NLP, Natural Language Processing, because we changed that interaction.

In the beginning, chatbots were action-based, if this does that, and now with NLP you generate datasets about a piece of information, emphasizing the information and content itself, allowing the understanding of questions as came in, and now the chat can generate answers based on prior questions.

Now, bots can answer different questions based on ideas or topics based on what you are looking for, especialty in customer service or transactions.

Finally, Machine Learning in AI is about serving the best information as quickly as possible based on prior information, chatbots are able to train and improve their answer with the increase of answers they provide, improving themselves.

If you feed your chatbots with information to the point that the system will learn and understand that content and build a system allowing the user to talk with the user about that.

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