The exposure and vulnerabilities of Companies in the Supply Chain?

Companies are exposed to different types of vulnerabilities.

One of the biggest concerns is planning and supplier network, especially with prominent players and the consolidation that we’re seeing with companies like Walmart and Amazon, who wants some form of vertical integration where they own more of that supplier network or have control over it at least. They start focusing on some other factors, some of which are around transportation and logistics.

Not only they’re doing tracking which the end consumer always sees but even something as small as route optimization, which can lead to huge fuel savings and a lot less maintenance.

Just about any operation, anyone doing business, any large business specifically, you look to have financial resiliency, that’s not only a matter of having enough money in the bank that you can pay your suppliers and your staff and all this other stuff, but you want to simulate scenarios.

Most companies now use a number of financial instruments and are invested all over the place.

You want to simulate scenarios where some of those bets that you’re placing all over either go up or down and you have a cash crunch, or there are other sorts of vulnerabilities that show up so that you become more aware of any risk that that may be there and that could present itself down the line.

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