How the Legal Profession uses AI

Today is all about law and litigation. As you might imagine with the legal profession being all about discourse, dialogue, and the written word there is a big opportunity for automatization. Let’s dive into How the Legal Profession uses AI in its work.

Whether that is looking into decisions and understanding them, the law societies put out digital catalogs more or less of the decisions that do exist, these are largely usable in their format in the way that they are handed out but you do have to have the ability to do some kind of AI or NLP modeling.

Most legal firms, most law firms tend not to have a large data science department, a large NLP department , or anything close to that, they may have an it department, which is very common because they do have a large population of people where they have to manage all of their IT needs, but it’s unlikely that the running technical IT data science, AI projects.

So it hasn’t been something that typically been able to just go and create a model or understand specifically how to extract certain things from certain places.

Over the last, I would say seven, eight years, there’s been a bit of a confluence of automation tools and companies that have largely done a pretty good job of helping out legal firms and the judicial sector with things all across the board but largely across several classes of problems.

So really to deal a bit with document automation and review a lot to do with litigation prediction whether or not something might be good at trial, bad at trial, a lot with intellectual property and then that kind of ties into a bit of legal research so you have those broad topics that you largely the have legal firms automating or getting help with software defense.

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