How non profits use AI and NLP

So it’s not so dissimilar from a regular small, medium businesses, it’ll be different than the best and brightest tech companies, such as Facebooks and Google, open AI of the world, that is, the way in which non profits use AI and NLP.

It’s different from the enterprise world, just usually because of money, these are non-profits and NGOs who are looking for funding every year and that usually brings up the biggest reason for wanting AI to get better at fundraising.

So looking for better targets, trying to find larger donors, possibly looking to have a better pipeline, an entire flow of deals that could materialize for you, and a lot of work has done in that part of the entire organization to optimize.

That’s usually the place where non-profits will start, how do they optimize getting money in because it’s their lifeblood, and quite literally, like they stop existing next year if we can’t get cash through the door right.

Another one that is sort of a kin to the fundraising stuff is really to personalize messaging as much as possible, if you’re doing broad strokes messaging that’s just advertising, but if you can tailor the messaging to individual donors, even if it’s individual class of donors it allows you to just have more targeted reach out to people and things that matter to your organization.

If you’re a nonprofit may be a cause that I deeply care about, but if you don’t reach me at the right time with the right messaging, it’s probably just going to fly over my head and I’m not going to pay that much attention.

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