How has Kunin changed Productivity?

In the last videos, we focused a lot on specific processes, like recruitment and hiring, and departments, such as marketing and sales, today we are going to focus on a different aspect that is very important and underrated, Productivity.

Even if it sounds strange or even impossible, AI does have all these possibilities, and one of them is to improve the productivity of all the people in an organization, in any position.

Unfortunately, it is common in companies for there to be an awkward relationship between managers and workers about the work done since it is difficult to maintain that control without suffocating the employee and the reality is that no one wants to do that.

To contradict this paradigm, we developed Kunin, a tool that focuses more on the employee and not so much on the manager as is usually done. The idea is to give the employer the necessary data to work on and mirror that data to the manager. This tool allows a better workflow between the employer and the manager because allows the worker to work with some freedom around the tasks given and create some conversations about that dynamic.

Not so improves trust and confidence, but also allows the workers to have a better pulse on their own work, and at the same time gives them the opportunity to improve their work-life balance.

The Kunin AI tool allows the manager and the workers to set up the way they work and the hours they will spend working according to the company policy, enabling and increasing the transparency on the different interactions and relations.

This way you can improve communications and relations, and increase trust and transparency without compromising the work that was actually done since the tool keeps track of the results and work performed.

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