How Customer Service and Predictive Issue Resolution are Related?

So an organization around long enough is going to have enough clients is going to have people call them. When people call, most of the time in a bad period because they are having a problem or a hard time with something. Here starts the first opportunity for Predictive Issue Resolution.

So in those instances, there is the need to make sure that you are able to serve them in the best way possible, so customer service is an option, and having large call centers can be very helpful.

There are ways to impact those people and help them be better customer service reps, that’s often through scripting and imagining a scenario where you’re able to understand the entire ecosystem of your company and its product at the same moment so that you can easily and poignantly get to what the issue might be.

That’s where a system such as our Apogee with our chatbot Mensa shines really well.

Mensa, which is our chatbot, has to input all the possible ways that you’re going to have the conversation with it, you basically add a lot of information about your product.

Imagine giving a new hire a lot of your reading about the product, product management, your FAQ’s and it creates a brain for itself and can answer just about any question about your product, your service, and what’s going on automatically, without you having to basically seed it with a ton of information.

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