We believe that the best way to learn is to ‘do’. As such, we look to place all of our graduates in a six month work term with a partner company. Which is what a residency program is, a way to get the experience you need for the work you want to be doing as a data professional.

Once you’ve made the wise decision to take part in the 1000ml.io program, you reach out to one of our program coordinators through the contact form and we’ll set up a phone interview as the first step. Once you pass that, we’ll do a quick assessment of your coding and math skills. After acing that you’re in!.

While we don’t have stringent pre-reqs, we do highly recommend that you have at least a first year university understanding of math and coding.

Our full time program runs for a total of 20 weeks after which you will have the opportunity to participate in a six month work program to put your new found skills to work.

Our program is designed to be a net neutral cost to you. Which means that cost for the program is offset, and more than likely accretive, by the money you’ll earn while doing the work term.

Yes, this is a 20 week immersive hands on program that requires you to attend learning lessons and work on real world project throughout the term.

Yes, we offer a number of different payment options for our students. Speak with one of our program coordinators to find the one that fits the best for you.

Our program differs from other similar programs in the fact that we are squarely focused on giving you real world experience versus theoretical learning. We believe the best way to learn is to do and that’s why our program is not a ‘bootcamp’. We are here to give you the skills to be a data professional from day one.

If you could you probably would have already. We don’t mean to be harsh, but the reality is that companies are looking for people with real world experience that can come in and be contributing from day one. And that’s what we deliver, a workforce ready data professional.

One of the #1 questions we get about 1000ml comes in some form of “How can I be sure this is going to pay off for me?”

While we always remind people that in life there are no guarantees and that the value of a particular program depends on the goals of the individual, here are some things that you might find interesting:

  • 1000ml graduates average over $50,000 per year during their first year after graduation. Their average age is 21, 4 years younger than the average age of college grads.
  • 1000ml participants who complete the education experience and apprenticeship finish the program with a professional portfolio which includes ownership and completion of significant projects at your business partner, valuable professional references, and a refined personal brand and digital footprint.
  • The average university graduate takes 5 years to finish and has at least $37,000 in debt. 1000ml participants graduate in 20 weeks with an opportunity to get an internship and have the cost of the course paid. Participants make more money during the program than the program costs, by design.

Most importantly, if you graduate 1000ml, you’ll probably leave the program with a great job.

Most of the 1000ml graduates are employed immediately after the program.

That means sidestepping all the traditional barriers to entry like resumes, interviews, job board sites, and starting your career off in a great job with a competitive salary.

Why are our business partners doing this?

Because they know that someone who completes the 1000ml program has joined the top 1% of young professionals in terms of their ability to create value at a company, regardless of age or degree status.

If you take the program seriously, engage actively with the challenges that you’re presented with, and use your 1000ml adviser as a guide and a mentor through the program, you’ll come out on the other end of the program a dramatically different person than you were when you entered.


Our core belief is that genuine learning demands a meaningful context. You have to be doing things and dealing with real-world challenges for knowledge to actually stick. Theories and ideas are great, but they don’t do much good until and unless you have real skin in the game practice already underway. You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading about it and you don’t learn skills for professional success through lectures.

1000ml isn’t a static list of content to consume. 1000ml is work experience + a live, vibrant community of learners + individual coaching + project based mastery.

Real World Experience

1000ml participants do real work in real startups. It’s not about memorizing business buzzwords, it’s about creating value and getting your hands dirty in the trenches. Nothing teaches business and entrepreneurship like working in a business with entrepreneurs. This is the heart and soul of 1000ml. Nothing beats learning by doing.

Curiosity and Reflection

To get good you need to practice. To become great you need to ask questions, reflect, observe, abstract and derive general principles from that practice. The 1000ml curriculum is specifically tailored to increase awareness of causal connections and develop habits and traits that ensure personal growth and success. It’s a combination of excellent content, personal coaching sessions, group discussions, live workshops, and self-driven projects. From writing and speaking skills to social and emotional intelligence, 1000ml doesn’t just impart facts or tell you what to think and do, instead we show you examples and challenge you to create your own goals and build projects to achieve them.

Results, not Status

The 1000ml education experience is transformative and results in tangible proof of value created and skills mastered. Participants build a personal website and deliver their completed projects to it each month. You walk away with a real signal of value, worth more than any static list of resume bullets.

The 1000ml education experience is unique in that it does not disconnect regular content consumption from regular content creation.

Rather than, for example, studying for an entire semester to be able to pass a midterm and a final, 1000ml participants tie each act of learning to a deliverable act of creation at least once every thirty days. Rather than producing infrequently in a structured classroom setting, 1000ml participants produce in the real world and for real people outside of school.

In practical terms, that means writing a blog post for a personal blog or a third party like. It means launching a podcast like it means creating a product or a service like. It means creating a microsite around a specific project of yours or writing a book.

In fundamentals, it means the recognition that the best learning, in any subject, comes through real-world application of the knowledge you are trying to acquire and real-world feedback.

This is a large divergence from the way we’re taught to learn growing up.

Students today spend years in college “preparing” for the day they’re finally “qualified” to apply their knowledge, only to graduate on the other side with nothing but a hodgepodge of memorized facts and very little knowledge of how to translate that into a productive life for themselves.

1000ml exists because young people need better than that if they want to be happy and successful.

Our education program is custom tailored to the needs and goals of each specific participant & participants work with an advisor to determine learning goals, build a plan, and “ship” those goals in the form of a concrete project every single month.

Participants graduate with a portfolio of these projects and the skills and experience they need to continue along a path of lifelong learning.

Interested in transitioning from student to entrepreneur?