Exploring Endless Possibilities of the World of Chatbots

The world of chatbots is a developing world, being used for different purposes and needs.

The first chatbot system or one of the first was the IVR. An example is the answering machine, which is when you leave a voice mail, you aren’t present but give instructions for action. With the development of smartphones, we also noticed an increase in chatbot uses with Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon.

In the past chatbots used to have a decision tree algorithm, a certain action was dependent on another to happen, needing the exact answer to have the interaction.
After, NLP starts appearing allowing new interactions and actions, generating a speech based on the questions made and not only the prior known information.

Chatbots now can learn as human do, since the error trial allow them to add new information to their systems and use it in the future when needed.

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