Workshop: Monetize Your Data and Build Better Experiences with ThoughtSpot

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Workshop: Monetize Your Data and Build Better Experiences with ThoughtSpot

May 3 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

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Many companies are looking to monetize their data by exposing it to customers. In this workshop, ThoughtSpot VP of GTM Strategy & Productivity, Derek Power, and Principal Customer Success Architect, Bill Back, will drive an interactive conversation on how to make the transition from simply having data to making it the center of your business.

We will look at how you can give your customers an engaging and easy way to access and analyze your data and, through a series of real-world case studies, discuss different approaches to pricing and packaging a data experience.

Meet the speaker: Derek Power

Derek Power is the VP of GTM Strategy and Productivity at ThoughSpot. He moved into this role after previously working as a Regional & Area Director for Enterprise East and Canada.

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Meet the speaker: Bill Back

Bill Back has 25 years of experience building, designing, and developing software and leading people and projects from the very beginning. He has been active and influential in the development of many products and projects that have helped to grow the many organizations and teams he has been a part of.

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The content of this event is for educational purposes only and does not include any specific facts of the presenter’s current or previous company. The opinions expressed in this event are solely those of the presenter based on personal experiences and do not reflect those of the company the presenter works for.

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