WebSphere User Group Roadshow: Liberty and Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM performance

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WebSphere User Group Roadshow: Liberty and Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM performance

March 17 @ 10:30 am - 11:00 am EDT

Get a sneak peek into the world of Liberty and Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM performance!

In this 30-minute session, we will introduce the different facets of Java performance and why they matter. We will also provide a sneak peek into the performance of the combination representing IBM’s Java stack (namely, Liberty application server and the OpenJ9 JVM) in comparison with other Java EE stacks. Finally, we will look ahead to the upcoming [WebSphere User Group (WUG) Roadshow](https://community.ibm.com/community/user/wasdevops/blogs/divya-koppolu1/2022/02/15/virtual-wugs-march-2022) sessions planned for the week of March 21 that will get into greater depth on these topics.


**Vijay Sundaresan** is Performance Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab responsible for WAS/Java runtime performance. Vijay’s technical background and expertise is in the areas of performance analysis, compilation and virtual machine technology, Java SE and Java EE specifications, as well as hardware optimizations over the past two decades. Vijay was one of the original architects on both the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM as well as on the Eclipse OMR open source projects. As a graduate student at McGill University Vijay also made contributions to the Soot bytecode analysis framework.

Over his 20+ year career at IBM, **Jared Anderson** has been involved in WebSphere foundation products including WebSphere Application Server (both traditional and Liberty) as well as WebSphere eXtreme Scale. Presently he is the WebSphere Performance team lead as well as the Java / Jakarta EE development lead. As the WebSphere Performance team lead, he works with the team to measure, analyze and improve performance of the WebSphere Application Server products. In his Java / Jakarta EE development lead role, he works with the Liberty development team to implement the current and future specification versions.

**Kevin Grigorenko** is a senior Java software engineer on the IBM App Platform SWAT team, which provides worldwide, on­site, and remote supplemental product defect support, particularly in critical production situations. He focuses on problem determination and performance tuning for WebSphere Application Server and related stack products and operating systems, including the IBM and HotSpot JVMs, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Windows, z/OS, HP/UX, and IBMi. He is an open source contributor on the Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool, Wireshark, Eclipse MicroProfile, and OpenLiberty.