Webinar: PMT: Getting Your Foot in the Door by eBay Product Leader

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Webinar: PMT: Getting Your Foot in the Door by eBay Product Leader

August 1 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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No one becomes a good Product Manager in a day, but we help you look inside the minds of great PMs to understand the mindset that makes them succeed. Because Product Management isn’t just a role, it’s a worldview, a set of skills that guide the way you think, and most importantly lead.

Main takeaways:

* Crafting a resume to demonstrate your PM skillset relevant to the opportunity
* Effective outreach and networking with industry PM peers and leaders
* What to focus on during mock interviews and eventually acing PM interview

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**Meet the Speaker: Aayushi Agarwal**

Aayushi is a Product Leader with over seven years of PM experience. She is currently working at eBay on Consumer Experiences.

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