Webinar: Moving From Vision to Experience by Compass AI & ML Product Lead

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Webinar: Moving From Vision to Experience by Compass AI & ML Product Lead

July 5 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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Product managers can differentiate themselves by leveraging the unique skills different team members and job functions bring to the table without sacrificing speed. It’s no accident that everyone from Marty Cagan to Shreyas Doshi talks about the importance of leveraging the talents of engineers, designers, data scientists, and other team members to build great experiences. But PMs often don’t have a clear process for how they move from an ambiguous problem space to a tangible experience for customers, and with complex initiatives with several collaborators, things can get tricky quickly. While there is no one way to move from vision to experience, by using a few critical frameworks and sequencing them logically, a PM can move swiftly without sacrificing collaboration and rigor. In this webinar, you will learn how to move through the challenging product journey with more confidence.

Main Takeaways:

* Breaking ground: from mission to metric(s)
* Building foundations: from metric(s) to experiment(s)
* Finishing touches: from experiment(s) to experience(s)

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**Meet the Speaker: Krishanu Sengupta**

Krishanu is a proficient product professional with a diverse background in business and tech. He is currently an AI & ML Product Lead at Compass where he uses technology to drive growth across his team.

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