Webinar: Measuring and Improving CX as a PM by fmr Twilio Staff PM

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Webinar: Measuring and Improving CX as a PM by fmr Twilio Staff PM

August 10 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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As a Product Manager, you benefit from mixing anecdotes and data to have an understanding of customer needs.

* You can track the success metrics of your product launch better by defining output metrics vs intermediary signals of progress.
* Sometimes you need to drive stakeholder alignment and internal process changes to improve customer experience
* You can build your own checklist for product launch and for communicating with customers to ensure you have your metrics ready, your communication is well received, and you are driving the desired customer behavior.

We will discuss these and more in this webinar.

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**Meet the Speaker: Harshal Patil**

Harshal, a former Staff Product Manager at Twilio, transitioned from engineering to Product Management in 2016 and has mentored 50+ PM aspirants over the last three years, including as an MBA career coach, where his mentees awarded him with an NPS of 10.

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