Webinar: How to Focus on the Problem, Not the Solution by Spotify PM

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Webinar: How to Focus on the Problem, Not the Solution by Spotify PM

December 9, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm EST

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How to shift yours and your stakeholders’ mindset to focus on understanding the problem to solve rather than jumping to solutioning-mode to make sure you’re building the right thing.

As a PM, there is a lot of temptation to fast track through the Product Discovery phase and start building something because the Product Delivery phase feels more tangible and less ambiguous. It also makes stakeholders happy because the project looks as if it’s moving forward. Product Discovery is often less tangible and glamorous, and you could be spending weeks on doing user research to come up with seemingly “obvious” insights. However, this is the critical work that needs to happen to validate assumptions, uncover user motivations, and paint a well-rounded picture of the problem space you’re in.

The risk of rushing through this problem identification and prioritization step is that there is a higher chance you’re not actually building the right product in the right sequence to solve your customer’s core needs. You may reduce one or two pain points, but the cause of the problem still exists and unaddressed. It could feel like the product is never finished because the users are still asking for features to fulfill needs that you thought you already solved.

How do we avoid this cycle? Today, I will be talking about three tools that I have used to focus on identifying the problem to solve and bringing the stakeholders onto that journey to shift their mindset when gathering requirements.

Main takeaways:
– The five why’s – a tried-and-true method to effectively uncover user needs.
– Leveraging the JTBD framework – what are your customers trying to accomplish?
– How do you know you’ve solved the problem? Defining success metrics with your customers from the beginning.

Meet the Speaker: Cindy Chen

Cindy has 8+ years of experience in Product and UX across SaaS, ad-tech, Telecomm, Fintech in B2B and B2C markets. Currently, she is a Product Manager at Spotify.

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