Webinar: Forming Your Voice as a New PM by Google PM

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Webinar: Forming Your Voice as a New PM by Google PM

June 28, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Many Software Engineers, UXs and other professionals want to transition to Product Management but do not know how. There are several areas of a product focus including strategy, roadmap, development, launch, metrics, financials and research that are needed from a Product Manager. In this session, the speaker will walk us through their journey to Product Management. They will also highlight their own product as a success story and provide tips on how to transition into Product Management to anyone who is interested.

Main Takeaways:
– Why it’s important to have a voice/opinion
– How to form a voice
– How to communicate your voice
– How to give voice/amplify others

Meet the Speaker: Elsa Augustine

Elsa Augustine has been a Product Manager at Google for over 4 years. Prior to her current role, she was an MBA intern at Kellog School of Management and Apple.

View Speaker’s Full Profile (https://bit.ly/32uRdfY)

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