Webinar: Do You Have to Be an Engineer to Be a Good PM by fmr Amazon Sr PM

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Webinar: Do You Have to Be an Engineer to Be a Good PM by fmr Amazon Sr PM

October 2 @ 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT

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Many Software Engineers, UXs, and other professionals want to transition to Product Management but don’t know-how. There are several areas of a product focus including strategy, roadmap, development, launch, metrics, financials, and research that are needed from a Product Manager.

In this session, the speaker will walk us through their journey to Product Management. They will also highlight their own product as a success story and provide tips on how to transition into Product Management to anyone who is interested. By the end, you’ll see it can be done and you could be next!

Main Takeaways:

* While an engineering degree isn’t always necessary in PM roles, technical skills are table stakes to be able to communicate effectively with engineers and make good product decisions
* These skills are often required throughout the product life cycle, right from product discovery to product launch
* These skills are teachable and require to be updated on an ongoing basis

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**Meet the Speaker: Devika Bashani**

Devika is a product professional with a solid track record of building and growing manufacturing startups into well-known, best-in-class brands. Her last role was working on Technical products at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager.

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