Webinar: Decomposing Risks Prior to Product Development by Amazon Sr PM

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Webinar: Decomposing Risks Prior to Product Development by Amazon Sr PM

October 27 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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Being a Product Manager requires structured and organized thinking. Frameworks and toolkits are a handy and effective way to approach problems. Product Managers learn about many and develop their own throughout their product careers and share some of those with you today.

Follow our speaker Shreya and learn how to develop a project before its elaboration, in this session you will learn how to measure risks before starting your project, what tools will be your best friends and what is the most important thing you should consider to work in your product.

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**Meet the Speaker: Shreya Hegde**

Shreya is a Senior Product Manager with Amazon who enjoys solving complex business problems for her customers by using innovation and technology.

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