Webinar: Customer Empathy 101 by Microsoft Sr PM

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Webinar: Customer Empathy 101 by Microsoft Sr PM

June 22 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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Customer empathy is like walking a mile in your target audience’s shoes and understanding how your service/solution fits into their ecosystem and lives. As Product Managers, it is our job to ensure we understand our customers’ tactical needs. Translate those needs into requirements so that the development team is then able to build a solution that provides the right product experience. This helps accelerate user adoption and eventually helps with customer retention.

Main Takeaways:

* Learn ways to explore customer empathy for various user scenarios.
* Ensure everybody on the team is able to empathize with the customers while building an effective solution.
* Embed customer feedback/sentiments while designing your solutions.

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**Meet the Speaker: Meha Sharma**

Meha is a Senior PM at Microsoft with a knack for multitasking while working across different teams to build truly awesome products.

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