Podcast: The Many Paths to Product: Transitions & Pivots by Lyft Senior PM

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Podcast: The Many Paths to Product: Transitions & Pivots by Lyft Senior PM

February 1 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EST

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Are you ready for the electrifying ninth season of The Product Podcast on Product Career Advice? We’re back at it with a spectacular group of Authors and Product Leaders, who are working on top-tier products at world-class companies.

Each episode will give insight into what it’s like to work in tech and how to get that dream PM job. Alongside some practical interview tips and advice on finding your product niche. It doesn’t matter if you are just looking to enter the action-packed world of Product Management or you’ve been building products for years, there is something for everyone this season.

Episode #2 with Nikhyl Singhal

Nikhyl has over the past 20+ years of experience in product and built a career in technology, thinking big, yet acting small. He currently works at Facebook leading the feed and stories in the main app and supporting the Product Management teams for the news feed on the Facebook application.

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