Online Event: Six Degrees of John Hughes

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Online Event: Six Degrees of John Hughes

April 15, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

For 4 years I have hosted monthly offline events dedicated to encouraging people to get out and connect face to face. Unless you are living under a rock this is not possible.

Right now, we are all super stressed, super introverted, and super bored. Getting people to network and meeting new people is harder than ever. Meeting new people face to face is a safety risk. That is why I created this online event that is beyond just introducing new people. It is about getting to know stranger on a deeper level.


Where does the name Six Degrees of John Hughes come from and how does it relate to this online event?

The name is in reference to the classic 1980’s John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club. The story of 5 different detached strangers, bored in detention, detached from each other, yet are united by asking questions that buck the small talk, and finding out how one another has more in common than each other previously thought. Not only finding out and connecting more with strangers, but also finding out more about themselves.

“Six Degrees” part of the name is in reference to the common saying, six degrees of separation.

How does the game work? What are the rules?

This is an experimental game, and you will learn as you play along. Must use video chat via Zoom on your phone or computer.

Which platform is the event being hosted on?

The gathering is hosted on Zoom