Live Chat with CNN Sr Product Manager

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Live Chat with CNN Sr Product Manager

June 9 @ 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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Join in and get all your Product Management questions answered during our online event with Elisabeth Kamor, Sr Product Manager at CNN.

Some questions that will be answered include:

* What is the best part of being a Product Manager?
* What is the worst part of being a Product Manager?
* What do you look for in a Product Management resume and/or candidate?
* What was a difficult Product Manager interview question you’ve had? And how did you answer it?
* Have you ever felt like you didn’t understand the technology on a product? What did you do to compensate?

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**Meet the Speaker: Elisabeth Kamor**

Elisabeth is a customer-obsessed Senior Product Manager currently working at CNN. She is a diligent leader who is committed to excellence, something that is reflected in both her work and her relationships with her colleagues.

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The content of this event is for educational purposes only and does not include any specific facts of the presenter’s current or previous company. The opinions expressed in this event are solely those of the presenter based on personal experiences and do not reflect those of the company the presenter works for.

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