IBM Data Science Community: Learn about Elyra Visual NLP Editor

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IBM Data Science Community: Learn about Elyra Visual NLP Editor

June 2 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Welcome to the IBM Data Science Community monthly virtual meetup. Our May 2022 edition – postponed from our original date, May 19 – is co-produced together with [IBM Academy of Technology (AoT)]( Silicon Valley TVC Affiliate.

### **Registration**

Please make sure to RSVP via the [WebEx registration page]( Thank you!

### **Agenda**

* Doors open (~20 minutes prior to official start time)
* Welcome
* Community announcements
* Main talk + Q&A (~40 minutes)
* Mix & mingle

The event will be recorded and published on the [IBM Community YouTube channel]( where you can find the recordings of all our past virtual meetups to watch on-demand.

### **IBM further democratizes AI by open sourcing Elyra visual NLP Editor**

Elyra-Canvas ([]( is a sophisticated library powered by two NodeJS modules for creation of visual no code / low code development environments. It powers the open source Elyra ML Pipeline Editor as well as many tools in IBM’s product portfolio in Cloud Pak for Data such as DataStage, Modeler, Watson Studio Pipelines and a Neural Network Designer.

With Elyra visual NLP, IBM donates another open source visual no code / low code development environment which enables users to visually design, develop and test NLP pipelines. The tool is runtime agnostic and the first runtimes to be supported are “Text Extensions for Pandas” and “IBM SystemT”. In this talk we walk you through Elyra-Canvas, the Elyra visual NLP Editor and SystemT – the fast engine powering rule-based NLP in IBM Watson products.

### **Speaker bios**

* **Laura Chiticariu** is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Language, where she builds reusable language processing algorithms that serve as the NLP foundation for IBM products. Laura has 14 years of R&D experience building algorithms & tools, working with customers to solve NLP problems, and collaborating with IBM Research to bring the latest language innovations to IBM products.
* **Jesus Rocha Guerrero** is a Senior Full Stack Engineer and Senior Engineering Manager within IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data platform. Jesus and his team contributes Modeler product for CPD, and in addition own the growth of Elyra/Canvas with its rich set of features that power not only Modeler, but other services that leverage visual canvas interfaces. Jesus has been working on Full Stack web development for 15 years, and is passionate about the intricacies of modern micro-service architectures both on the Front-End as well as Back-End.

### **About Elyra**

Elyra is a set of AI-centric extensions to JupyterLab Notebooks. Elyra provides a Pipeline Visual Editor for building AI pipelines from notebooks, Python scripts and R scripts, simplifying the conversion of multiple notebooks or scripts files into batch jobs or workflows. [Learn more…](

### **About IBM Academy of Technology (AoT)**

Our IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) was formed in 1989 as a community of the best technical minds in IBM to provide innovation, technical advice and conscience. The community supports cultural change across all business units and across the globe. Today, our AoT continues to be a community of selected IBM top technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas & trends, enable attract & retain the technical community, and engage our clients in technical pursuits of mutual value. The Board of Governors is the ruling body for our Academy of Technology and consists of Senior Technical Executives and the Academy President. These executives provide guidance for our Academy value, assist in evangelizing our value and shaping our impact. [Learn more…](

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