HackerNest 360 – Founders Unite

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HackerNest 360 – Founders Unite

June 4 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Registrations here: https://hckrn.st/3IuBhNH – Discounted early tix help us plan…thank you! Check the updated date/time!

**Event Series:** **The focus for this high-engagement Founder 360 event will be on startup planning across the entire spectrum of relevant strategy>build>growth>scale topics.** Founder 360s give current and future entrepreneurs and small-business owners a gathering place to connect – a fantastic opportunity to flesh out challenges and ideas on their business journey. Similar to the way a mastermind peer-group engages, we bring together passionate, like-minded people for an informal, lightly moderated (for focus & guidance) and engaging few hours that allows founders to:

► **Meet other supportive entrepreneurs** in similar situations and build your network by sharing the hurdles and wins of startup life and to engage with folk across a wide range of experience and industries
► **Discuss and ideate** to re-frame problems and clear hurdles on specific challenges and roadblocks you face – a closed feedback loop for guidance, and to get/give advice on pathways to elevate your skill, widen your reach, form effective teams, etc.
► **Learn real-context strategies and tactics** that others have used to plan, build, and scale that can actually be used in work immediately

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Ideal if you are starting or have recently launched your company. If you are at any early/earlier stage of planning and launching your business, startup, social impact organization, nonprofit, or have recently gone live (congrats!) and are looking to grow and scale (to any degree), then this is a fit for you.

**LIMITED SPOTS:** Unlike Tech Socials and our other larger community events with hundreds attending, these are more intimate with limited spots for deeper engagement and to compel the sharing of more thought leadership. Founders/owners in financial hardship or who are otherwise unable to purchase tickets for this event, please get in touch.

**EXPERIENCE & FIT:** Intermediate to advanced familiarity with core business and commercial concepts will allow you to maximize the value you get and the level to which you contribute in sessions which are open, roundtable-style discussions and in the 1-on-1s. If you are completely new to business, startups and entrepreneurship, please connect with us so we can gauge the interest for running a separate, more fundamentals-centric set of events.