HackerNest 360 – Career Changers & Job Hunters Unite

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HackerNest 360 – Career Changers & Job Hunters Unite

December 8, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST

First signups free, moderate cost thereafter: https://hckrn.st/HN360M – An open sharing event for current and future job-hunters (at any level) looking for that next career or considering a switch to an alternate path. A great opportunity to freely discuss the trials, tribulations, and challenges in figuring out the kinds of work you want to do and the ways you go about finding appropriately fitting jobs and companies. The pressure is off as there will be no recruiters, or panels & speakers. We’ll have auto-matched 1-on-1s, split into group sessions on core topics, and you can directly chat with other guests or make video chat requests too.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Ideal if you are (or are planning to be) looking for that next exciting role or are considering changing careers AND you want to connect with other like-minded folk on similar journeys. We’ll commiserate together, share learnings and tips, find other common ground, and expand our network of good, passionate people. Great if you’re already in or around tech, but also super helpful to others across industries as well.

A sampling of the kinds of things we will cover, in no particular order:

► targeting the right roles and companies in your search + hot sectors & industries, and the functional areas of specific jobs
► cover letter and resume – content strategy, narrative, and levels of specificity<>vagueness
► career planning – from first jobs to switching to managerial positions to first director roles
► moving from technical to non-technical or vice-versa
► international vs. local hiring, out of province/state jobs, ‘local-remote’ is a thing, etc.
► how to get talent acquisition folk on your side, leaning authentically on your network
► what is the actual power or viability of trying to get that first ‘info/intro call’ outside of the recruiting process?
► Interviewing at startups vs. traditional companies, behavioral & aptitude testing in pre-employment screening – how recruiting is evolving

REGISTRATION: First signups are free, so join early https://hckrn.st/HN360M – Tickets are paid thereafter.

Funds from any attendee and session/booth tickets support our nonprofit’s mission to continue uniting tech & developer communities. Thank you for your support! If free attendee tickets are no longer available and affordability is an issue for any reason, please email us so we can help.


Don’t miss this one – nice, friendly people from our tech nerd developer communities will come together. Tech Socials, 360s, and our other public events are agenda-free ad bring together passionate, like-minded people. Join us as we explore different ways of connecting! Laid-back & unpretentious, #ftw.

First timer? Expect this (…but online): hckrn.st/TS_Vid (short vid)

WHO ATTENDS: You’ll meet h4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture ¢apitalist$. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices. Here’s pics from past in-person events – we’ll bring that same relaxed, unassuming vibe:

WHAT FOLKS SAY: “Found a job” ↔ “Met my co-founder” ↔ “Met someone I eventually hired” ↔ “Got help to solve my security assignment” ↔ “Met some of my best friends in the industry” ↔ “Went on the slide at the Masonic temple!” ↔ “Met unpretentious people who genuinely love what they do” ↔ “It was amazing! Learned a lot from people, and everyone is super friendly!”