FREE MLOPs World Exhibition Only Pass + Start-up/Demo Day/Career Fest

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FREE MLOPs World Exhibition Only Pass + Start-up/Demo Day/Career Fest

June 9 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

## The team behind the Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS) is proud to announce our MLOps World event. Come join our Exhibition and Speakers Corner and evening festivities

***Exhibition passes include;***
**✅ Access to exhibit displays and speaker corner June 9-10**
**✅ Access to demo and career fest June 9**
**** This pass does not include entrance to the MLOps World Conference and Workshops you can purchase one here [](***
****This pass is NOT required if you already have a ticket to MLOps World Conference and Workshops***


Too few companies have effective AI leaders and an effective AI strategy.
Taken from the real-life experiences of our community, the Steering Committee has selected the top applications, achievements and knowledge areas to highlight across this dynamic event. Please register on our main page, if you’d like to attend the conference & workshops.

## Speakers & Topics (live on the public show-room floor):

* Dmitry Petrov, CEO at Iterative

**Talk: Model Registry with Open Source Tools: Git & GitHub**

* Amale El Hamri, ML Engineer at Artefact

**Talk: Handle MLOps Challenges on a Real World Use Case at Decathlon.**

* Harpreet Sahota, DevRel at Pachyderm

**Talk: Taking MLOps 0-60: How to Version Control, Unify Data and Manage Code Lifecycles**

* Josh Sullivan, CEO & Co-founder at Modzy

**Talk: Untold Secrets for Successful MLOps at Scale**

* Quoc-Tien Au, Data Scientist at Manifest Climate

**Talk: Evolution of MLOps at an Early-stage Startup**

* Oren Razon, Co-founder & CEO at Superwise

**Talk: Lessons Learned from ML Monitoring Failures**

* Yuval Fernbach, Co-Founder, CTO at Qwak

**Talk: Crossing the Production ML Chasm: The Biggest Challenges in Model Productionization and**
**Practical Tools to Address Them**

* Amber Roberts, Machine Learning Engineer at Arize AI

**Talk: The Key Pillars of ML Observability and How to Apply Them to Your ML Systems**

* Moses Guttmann, CEO at ClearML

**Talk: MLOps Without the bBuzzwords. So What’s Left?**

* Santosh Radha PhD, Head of Quantum Algorithms at Agnostiq

**Talk: Covalent: A workflow Manager for Hardware and Language Agnostic Distributed ML Workflows**
**And more!!**
*MLOps World is an international community group of practitioners trying to better understand the science of deploying ML models into live production environments, and everything both technical and non-technical that goes with it!*
*Created initially by the Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS) this initiative is intended to unite and support the wider AI Ecosystem, companies, practitioners, and academics and contributors to open-source communities operating within it.*
*With an explorative approach, our initiatives address the unique needs of our community of over 10,000+ ML researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and engineers. Intended to empower its members and propel productionized ML. Our community gatherings and events attempt to re-imagining what it means to have a connected community; offering support, growth, inclusion for all participants.*

## FAQs

**Q: This a virtual or an in-person exhibition**
This portion is in- person, June 9-10th.
**Q: What is your in-person conference policy:**
We’re aware that everyone’s comfort levels, and risk tolerance can vary. We are working to support every attendee’s level of comfort with regard to interactions/socializing. That will be indicated through Green/Yellow/Red badge indicators.
We also take very seriously all Safety precautions and follow local health and safety guidelines in accordance with City of Toronto, and Marriot Hotels.
If you’re unsure or have personal requirements- message us! We’re happy to work with you to provide a safe and enjoyable experience!

* **[Resources on travelling to Canada](**

* **[Read our event’s Safety and Clean Policy](**