Cybersecurity Risks & Advantages in Web3

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Cybersecurity Risks & Advantages in Web3

April 26 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


The term Web3 has certainly been a buzzworthy term in 2022 so far. As the shift from Web2 and Web3 deepens and accelerates, security considerations are at the forefront of the conversation. The truth is, the success of Web3 relies heavily on innovation to solve for the new security challenges being created by different application architectures.

The spike we saw in ransomware attacks, data leaks, and specific breaches of cryptocurrency platforms in 2021 will likely spillover into recent developments with Web3. And for cybersecurity professionals, it will become increasingly difficult to provide a fully-protected environment in the future.

Join us on April 13th to discuss security applications for Web3 with a panel of experts paving the way for the future of the internet.