Cloud Migration Case Studies: Strategies for Success

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Cloud Migration Case Studies: Strategies for Success

March 31 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

In 2020, we witnessed a sudden and rapid rush to the cloud as many companies accelerated their digital transformation roadmap to meet demands fueled by the pandemic. This acceleration continued throughout 2021 – but now, in 2022, many organizations are focusing on optimization, automating operations, and delivering customer experiences.


Join us for real-life case studies with cloud migration experts to not only learn strategies for navigating your cloud migration, but also ensuring it’s success and efficiency – from conception to customer connection.

**Meet Our Presenters:**

* Cody Chandler, Director of Cloud Engineering @ Blackline
* Jeremy Proffitt, Director of DevOps & SRE @ Ally
* Mandi Walls, DevOps Advocate @ PagerDuty

**Case Study #1 with Cody Chandler**
*Cody is a cloud migration specialist who focuses on creating a system that is simple, repeatable and promotable. He will also discuss how to take big swings and set goals, how to change patterns, and what it means to be a consumable service.*

**Case Study #2 with Jeremy Proffitt**
*Moving off prem introduces new challenges in observability, Jeremy will walk through many of those differences and offer suggestions in the best bang for the buck and the ultimate future states.*

**Case Study #2 with Mandi Walls**
*Mandi is currently working on a whitepaper about how SRE is evolving to handle complexity in clouds. Tune in to hear about how cloud is effecting SRE and impacting optimization.*