Automating Performance @ Scale + Placing Performance at The Forefront @ WiX

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Automating Performance @ Scale + Placing Performance at The Forefront @ WiX

August 2 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

We hope all had a great summer, or are still enjoying the weeks that are remaining. We are delighted to get things up and running again as fall is always a great time of year (one of my faves personally). That said, Tuesday Aug 2 is the next event. We are featuring esteemed guests who will discuss their own platform respectively.

**** has been gaining attention over their near performance 1st culture, and seemingly their raison d’Γͺtre. Added, the website builder **WiX** has made significant performance gains over the last few years, a feat noticed by many, which was also not an overnight journey. They will also join us to discuss about their performance wins and how they maintain a performant product.

πŸ“ **Automating Performance @ Scale + Placing Performance at The Forefront @ WiX**

πŸ“† Tuesday Aug 02 2022
⏰ 11am EST, 8am PDT, 6pm IDT
⏰ All Other Time Zone:
πŸ–₯ online:

**πŸ“ Steve Sewell**
Co-founder, CEO, [](

**Automating Performance At Scale**
Should we really rely on every developer to know every performance best practice by heart? Or can we automate some (or most) of the legwork to ensure consistent use of performance best practices, regardless of the skill level of the developer. In this talk, we’ll look at how we can automate performance best practices at scale as learned by the []( team in building our low code platform and open source projects (Mitosis, Qwik, and Parytown)

**πŸ“ Alon Kochba**
Web Performance and Software Engineering, [Wix](

**Placing Performance at The Forefront of Wix**
Hosted platforms such as Wix have many advantages, allowing technology to evolve behind the scenes for millions of existing sites without any user intervention, as evidenced by the significant gains in the Core Web Vitals [technology report]( Come hear more about how we implement performance best practices at a massive scale at Wix, and how we enhanced performance visibility for our users.

Looking fwd to have you all join us for a great presentations, and even better discovery. Feel free to share this with any and all those who are into performance. Thanks you and see you all soon!

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