Automated Testing using AI + Coming Wave of Digitization

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Automated Testing using AI + Coming Wave of Digitization

December 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST

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Talk 1: Automated Testing using Reinforcement Learning – Bradley Arsenault

Talk 2: Adapt or die, the changing landscape of being relevant in business, Mark Ghose


Title: Automated Testing using Reinforcement Learning

Speaker: Bradley Arsenault

Summary: In this talk, Brad will explain the underlying technology behind Kwola (, a next-generation tool for finding bugs in web applications. He will explain the basics of how Kwola works, what makes it learn, how the neural network is designed and will conclude with a short demo.

Bio: Brad is an accomplished engineer that has been working in the AI industry since its popularization in 2014. He was one of the first employees at growth startup Sensibill, where he built deep learning technology to understand receipts. In 2016, he founded Electric Brain to build custom AI technology, which was later acquired in 2019. Now he is developing Kwola, which uses reinforcement learning to help automatically find bugs in web applications.


Title: Adapt or die, the changing landscape of being relevant in business
Speaker: Mark Ghose, Co-Founder Super Guppy Coding Academy, Host, CodeTalkers Podcast

Join us to talk about the digital divide between coders and non-coders and how bringing coding knowledge to “business people” and traditionally non-programming functions could create new opportunities and benefits.

Summary: In this talk, Mark walks us through a vision of a near-future where digital automation will change the career paths for many traditional functions and the ever-increasing need for technical knowledge in areas like finance, marketing, hr, risk and others. We will talk about the even bigger wave of digitization on its way, and how the pandemic has accelerated a rapid shift in the need for more business people that understand coding fundamentals.

Bio: Mark is the Co-Founder of the Super Guppy Coding Academy and a Management Consultant in Financial Services. A former bank executive, Mark spent the last 20 years working in corporate finance, investments and digital strategy in Toronto and New York. In 2017 he launched his advisory firm which was responsible for helping establish the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO), a broader public sector asset manager with $70B AUM. In 2020, Mark launched a podcast focused on the latest trends in business, software development & coding and recently co-founded a coding bootcamp targeting professionals and students with zero coding knowledge. He lives in Oakville with his pet guppies.