Contract Management

Contract Management is a part of the process fundamental for all companies, also a is a tool that automatizes paper-heavy procedures, especially with Contracts. Due to its important and heavy paper flow, it’s one of the procedures that you can automate with AI.

When you are negotiating your operations, you have to manage different contracts with different suppliers, and at the same time, make sure that they are according to the legal duties and responsibilities.

Analyzing all the variables and information in all of the different documents can be quite a challenge so that’s why Contract Management Tool can be a wise choice for you and your business. Usually, in small companies, there is someone responsible for data entry procedures, and let’s face it, it’s an essential job but most of the time it’s a job given to younger people and someone starting. When you think about it, you are putting on of your most valuable information, your contracts, in the hands of an experienced person.

When automating this process, the workflow is productive and agile, you can do more with fewer people and reduce the data entry load. Also with NLP software, you can manage all the different types of documents with only one tool.

Contract Management is part of the 1000ml Apogee Suite product, and analyses the contracts and extracts information, like certain terms or data from that document, and combine it into documents or spreadsheets allowing you to have a better look and workflow.

A good contract management system, like Zenith, that extracts that valuable information helps your legal side have a real oversite over all the contracts. Zenith was created since there was a need to have a system that reads and extracts all the clauses and information from contracts that often people don’t read as we often do while singing on a new website. With this tool you can reduce your legal costs and can be easily adapted to your workflow.

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