Your ERP Needs Our NLP

Today we’re gonna focus on the interplay of ERP with AI and NLP, what 1000ML does and hopefully get to a place where we can understand how you can actually benefit from each other, and at the end how organizations can get a real return of investment.
ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, and the main objective are cataloging the types of things that are in your organization.
The crucial things are the company resources such as people, places, or things and then also the material invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and all that stuff along with your inventory. The idea’s sort of a centralized brain of all the things that make your business run.
ERPs capture and understand complex workflows and processes with all your resources, so, AI by itself is a largely bits and bites computational engine, or I guess inference and prediction engine doesn’t do well with unstructured text. You have to find a way to make those documents into something that the AI can actually understand.
So that’s where the entry point of NLP sort of exists here, and NLP gives AI the ability to source the information from those documents.

Let’s cut through the jargon, myths and nebulous world of data, machine learning and AI. Each week we’ll be unpacking topics related to the world of data and AI with the awarding winning founders of 1000ML. Whether you’re in the data world already or looking to learn more about it, this podcast is for you.