Unlocking the Full Potential of AI and NLP with RPA

Today we will unlock the Full Potential of AI and NLP with RPA.
During the ’70s, when AI started showing up, the existing systems were very rule-based, and actions dependent and helped the users decide. Over the years, AI systems continue to grow and in 2010 AI exploded with the chip manufacturers allowing them to introduce more features and computation.
Nowadays, AI is very known and utilized by most of us, especially for automation purposes. RPA are software robots, ideal for time-consuming and repetitive tasks, especially those heavy admin tasks, RPA can do them for you.
On the other hand, you can outsource the work done by one system, without looking to other systems that you might use. Instead of having the work on analyzing that data, you will receive a report with the final data that will help you take your decisions without spending 3 hours a week working on that task.
When it comes to limitations that RPA overcomes it’s especially in the problem-solving and decision-making process. Your AI systems will give you the information and part of the answer.
In most workloads, the datasets woun’t be small. You will feed your systems with all the datasets that you have to perform the pre-process with RPA, and after completion, that information will go to your AI & NLP system in order to provide a more complete and refined answer and report. Another thing is handling instruction data, AI doesn’t understand videos or images, so you have to adapt your data into that format so the computer understands what that means.
RPA, AI & NLP when used all together, you have a full system and pipeline allowing you to maximize your business, your efficiency, and your costs. These systems improve data quality since it’s always executed perfectly and according to the sequence. Also, reduces errors allowing you to have consistent results every time. Employee satisfaction also it’s part of this since you have the possibility to remove repetitive tasks, such as data entry, giving you the ability to challenge them to more advanced projects and learn new technologies.

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