Mastering the Art of Classification and Clause Partitioning

Today we will talk about AI in Legal Organizations when it comes to Classification and Clause Partitioning. By organizing your documents you can interact with them in a way that you have a full knowledge of the context and information that a document has.

Organizations and humans in general prefer to classify and group information. This classification defines the type of content they are according to the document, being the first piece of evidence and the first indication of what the document is and what we can do with it. This classification allows you to program your system according to the document type, gather different types of documents, and have a good distribution of the document types to build a complete system. When you collect all the possible document types, you label them in order to organize them into your AI to create a system. With this process, you create a model that you can incorporate into any system and run your documents for you.

Partitioning documents into clauses is usually related to contracts or agreements made by two parties. The idea is to have a good idea of your obligations, but also your partner or the company. Clauses are paragraphs that contain crucial information, and each clause needs to be organized and labeled since they have pieces of information that you need to understand and know where is it. Each clause gives you a piece of information, but a full paragraph contains more than specifies the information and gives you instructions, context, and so on. This process allows you to interact with the document in a very personalized way according to your needs.
Both of these processes are crucial to have an organized document pipeline since these pieces of information can change your organization. Putting your documents in this pipeline, you have an automated way of discovering, you organize your document in a process that you understand the clauses and extract the information from them gaining a deeper understanding of the content.
You can bring this system into your ERP in order to improve the treatment possibilities, since it’s not only attached to your document but into your full system since you need to continue to feed it with information and take the best advantage of it.

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