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Curated topics by Victor Anjos and Jansen Sullivan on All Things Data!

Let’s cut through the jargon, myths and nebulous world of data, machine learning and AI. Each week we’ll be unpacking topics related to the world of data and AI with Jansen & Victor, the awarding winning founders of 1000ML. Whether you’re in the data world already or looking to learn more about it, this podcast is for you.

Is data privacy a myth?

Jansen Sullivan and Victor Anjos discuss the state of data science and analysis in the world of YOU as the product. The marketing and advertising agencies of the world as well as all the MarTech companies have figured out ways to identify you in very passive ways, making you the product itself.

We talk about data brokers, selling data and how you are tracked everywhere you go, on all your devices. It’s a little scary at times, though being informed is the best cure for fear.