Deciding Whether to Buy or Build AI

Today we’re gonna talk about whether to buy or build AI systems.
As opposed to the shorter write-ups that we usually have, you’ll probably get a lot of benefit from rating it and even using it as notes when you are making the decision on whether to build or buy a new system generally, not just AI.

Like building or buying most technology systems or new systems for our company you have to start thinking of the total cost of ownership. That’s a big deal for people for companies actually and a lot is wrapped up in that. At the end of the day though the biggest hurdle that most companies have when deciding whether or not to build or buy a system is that there needs to be a stakeholder who is going to really be responsible for it.

So generally in a buying scenario, and you see this a lot for big organizations and government entities the smart play is to understand all the features that your company needs. It could be a big system or a little system, you should come up with a matrix of sorts or a checklist. You want really good and clean user interfaces and user experience, an easy example is Google.
You also want to think of the ability to change the data model or AI model, and whether that’s baked into the app and you know, rigid or whether you can actually affect those models that could and should be important to you.

Think that technology does 85% of what you want, and you’re okay with that, but you can create a roadmap to get to closer to a hundred percent down the future, not costing anything. Finally, you want to think of ecosystems, like communities, the number of partners they have all the users, are people writing about that. Are there examples and forms and stack overflow in all these places do they have a large list of clients and do they provide training? Is there self-led training that they provide? Do they come in the house and do some training? So there’s all of that for thinking of future proof in your purchase.

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